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Forsaken World
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Forsaken World is a fantasy MMORPG with the possibility to reach the status of god, with powers beyond the mortals of the world.

The game features five races (Human, Elves, Dwarves, Stonemen and the Kindred) all of which feature their own distinct backstory and style. The complement these races are eight classes ranging from the ever present warrior, mage, priest, assassin, marksmen and newer types like vampire or bard. With this many classes and races it's easy that their will be many ways to experience Forsaken World.

The game also uses a unique system where it is the actual servers that get leveled up, this is designed to help stem activities like gold farming and forces players to actually play the game instead of grinding their way to better items and equipments. Another unique element is the Zodiac system, which uses the players actual birthday to determine what kind of rewards and rarities the player will receive when praying to the game world's gods.

The game also places a high emphasis on the deities of the Forsaken World with a story that revolves around a war between the gods and the people who must inhabit this world. In the end it is also possible for your own character to reach the status of god and acquire powers far beyond the mortals of the world.

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