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Echo of Combats

Echo of Combats

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 15:53 mmoraw
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Echo of Combats is a Free 2 play , New Strategy Collectible Card , Multiplayer Game CCG , set in an unusual Fantasy setting .

Echo of Combats is an online Collectible Card Game in an unusual fantasy setting, that combines classical gameplay with original mechanics, dynamic battles and careful deck-building, which is sure to appeal to all kinds of players .

Tactical Battles - Two rows and three lines--choose whom to protect and whom to sacrifice .

Mighty Heroes - Your hero has a Class and an Alignment that determine their abilities and deck composition .

Unique Collection - More than 250 cards to collect, among which you might be lucky to find silver or even gold ones .

Winning Strategy - Figure out the most effective combinations of creatures and spells to defeat your enemies .

Adapt - In each turn, you may trade cards to increase your Power or to get more cards from the deck .

Total Control - The mana you have left at the end of your turn is not drained, so you can accumulate it to play really strong and expensive cards .

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