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Guardians of Ember
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Guardians of Ember is a Free 2 Play , Role-Playing Fantasy Multiplayer Game .

Guardians of Ember is a free-to-play hybrid of hack and slash and MMO action RPG. In a fantasy world threatened by evil forces, you must prove your courage and fighting abilities in thrilling dungeons and brutal combat. Join the army of humans, neia, elves and dwarves, choosing from one of six classes to enter battle as a Guardian against the evil invading forces .

Weapons and gear can be upgraded and leveled up, leaving you free to slaughter hordes of enemies and complete epic adventures either with your friends or on your own .

MMO meets Hack and Slash - Become a Guardian of Ember and conquer this fantasy role-playing world, hacking your path through hordes of infernal creatures. Choose from a range of classes such as knights, priests and engineers, and explore this world of danger and wonder either alone or in a group. Survive and decimate !

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