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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 11:31 mmoraw
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Corma is a Free 2 Play , Survival Role-Playing Multiplayer Game where the goal is to be the strongest survivor and rule the island .

Abandon on The Island of Corma without any equipment is exactly what you are. Collect whatever you can find in order to survive. You fight against mothernature. Build a shelter to protect yourself and your most valuable items.

You find yourself stranded on the beach on the Island Of Corma. In order to survive you have to find food and clean water. Explore the island and its story, but be carefull.. The wildlife on Corma is watching you.. Collect resources to build a shelter or a home. Find old towns or hidden places and look for rare items. Maybe you find something you can use ? Your goal is to be the strongest survivor and rule the island !

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