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Gambit - Real-Time PvP Card Battler
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Gambit is a Free Android , New Strategy Card Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring quick real-time matches .

Gambit is a head-to-head card battler that puts true strategic depth into quick real-time matches. You won’t be able to put it down ! Collect and craft 100 unique, fully animated units and spells and master them in battle. Build your deck using cards from your choice of two of the six unique factions: will you combine the efficient Empire and cutthroat Cabal, or the sneaky Syndicate and explosive Exiled ? Defeat your foes, reap the rewards, and climb the ranks to achieve glory !


- Duel players around the world in real-time matches

- Defeat opponents and complete quests to gain rewards

- Collect and craft cards to build your collection

- Find your perfect playstyle among various faction pairs

- Build your ultimate deck and decimate your foes

- Compete to raise your ranking and climb to the top .

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