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Underworld The Shelter
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Underworld The Shelter is a Free Android , New Action Survival , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you find ways to survive in ruined world after nuclear war .

A world devastated by nuclear war, a fierce battle for survival !

Save mankind from fallout and collect materials to build the best shelter ! Find ways to survive in ruined world after nuclear war ! Because of the nuclear war, most of humanity has been killed and almost all the land has been polluted and ruined by radioactivity. Only the shabby bunker in the basement is a hope for humanity.

A thrilling expedition for only survival !

Inevitable battle with zombie monsters ! Save mankind from radioactivity and collect materials to build the safest refuge !

Game Features :

- A thrilling expedition system for only survival !

- Mission about collecting various material of surviving and experience fast and breathtaking battles !

- Construction and operation of various production facilities.

- Residency happiness management and strategic facility layout.

- Various equipment collection and production .

- Experience the thrill of intense online invade(PvP) battle between real players !

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