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Empires and Dragons The lost kingdom
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Empires and Dragons The lost kingdom is a Free Android , New tre-Match Puzzle Mobile Game .

There was a struggle in a peaceful and quiet kingdom ! Fertile lands have long been occupied by dragons and their enemies, and the kingdom is in chaos ! Hire mercenaries full of personality, and team up mercenaries ! Help the mercenaries with the combo by matching the puzzles, find the peace of the kingdom by defeating the evil monsters !

Easy and simple 3-match PUZZLE !

- Forget about difficult puzzle rules. Let's match as you want while timer works .

- Match more blocks to create powerful blocks !

Charming mercenaries .

- Collect legendary mercenaries and win !

- Reveal the hidden story of the mercenaries along with your adventure !

A wise strategy for victory !

- Only those who are savvy about enemy weakness can win battles !

- Use epic magic, legendary mercenaries, and splendid skills to create special combat strategies !

Contents changed every week !

- Enter a arena which set new map every week! Win and get amazing bonus !

- Guard the peace of the kingdom by defeating a legendary dragon in a battle !

Manage your empire !

- Defeat evil monsters and collect stuff for running store of your empire !

- manage, upgrade and enrich this lost kingdom .

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