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Baby Nom Noms
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Baby Nom Noms is a Free Android , New Casual Puzzle Mobile Game featuring cute critters .

Baby Nom Noms are cute critters that just want to eat YUMMY foods ! But an EVIL wizard has stolen all their delicious treats and trapped them in magical floating bubbles. OH SNAP !!! What's a Baby Nom Nom to do ?!

After all, what is a Baby Nom Nom without its food ??? It's just a BABY . And who likes babies ? Well, everyone obviously ! Babies are SUPER cute. But that's besides the point !

It's a good thing Baby Nom Noms can jump... and BOUNCE!

Help these kawaii critters by launching them HIGH into the sky. Bounce them off conveniently-shaped objects in their world.

Baby Nom Noms is an arcade-y puzzle game with over 50 puzzles to solve and 5 worlds to unlock and more being added regularly .

Jump, Bounce, and Eat your way to victory. Unlock all the levels. Collect every single adorably cute Baby Nom Nom. Hurry before it's too late! Winter is coming .

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