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AirMech is an Action, Real Time Strategy (RTS) MMO Game featuring aircraft that has the ability to turn into a large death machine on the ground.

AirMech let you control a kind of robo-plane that represents the main hero and which is directly controlled by you, it has the ability to turn into a large death machine on the ground or a plane. You have a base, and your goal is to destroy the enemy’s base, very simple and straightforward. Along the way, you use foot soldiers to capture smaller bases, which repair and refuel your ship, and allows you to place other units. If you are, with the hero, in aircraft form it is possible to carry troops directly to the opponent base.

The AirMech Graphics is beautiful with its simplicity, they have done a great job on the textures, models and animations with cartoonish style graphics that pop off the screen mixed with a futurstic tech style. The quality is more than decent considering that this is a Indie game with a limited amount of people working on it and a limited amount of resources.

The battles are fast peaced, and allow you to play with your own personal strategy. Prefer to build strong defenses and slowly steamroll yourself across the battlefield, do it. Are you more of a fan of the fast and furious blitzkrieg, then go on attack fast and heavy, no one stops you to manifest yourself in your unique strategic way.

The AirMech is completely free to play it have a new style of combat and an advanced strategic side and, on top of all, the graphics look great, so it's very easy for my to recommend it to the lovers as strategic games.


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