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CHECKMATE Battle Arenas

CHECKMATE Battle Arenas

Thursday, 27 December 2018 09:48 mmoraw
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CHECKMATE is a Free 2 Play Turn Based , Strategy PVP Battle Arena Multiplayer Game .

CHECKMATE Battle Arenas is turn based real time PvP game with new style. Kill your opponent’s King and get the highest Arena !


- Enjoy thrilling moments from turn based 1 vs 1 battle in real time.

- Create your own deck with 20 skills in each hero and various units.

- Break blocks in the map and make new strategy on your own.

Bring your opponent close to you by breaking the block in the map. But, block direction is changed in each turn so make sure before you use this skill !

Checkmate ! Shout out your win to the opponent by using unique hero skills and units with your style !

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