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Glitch Goons Vaporwave Fighting Arena
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Glitch Goons is a Free Android , New Action Fighting Arena , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a PvP automatic fighting game in which you customize and manage your Glitch Goon fighters .

Glitch Goons takes place in the year 2690, a centuries-old nuclear war has wiped almost everything off the face of the Earth. Descendants of the survivors now live in bunker cities underground, their only hope is getting to a distant colony on the planet of Garthorix where cybernetically enhanced animal-humanoid fighters battle each other in a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere.

Game Features :

- PvP automatic fighting game in which you customize and manage your Glitch Goon fighters .

- Use your talent to master your fighting tactics, and battle your way up the league system to get bonus rewards !

- A wide range of gear to choose from! You can upgrade gear by choosing to 'Infuse' other items you have, or create a new piece by filling your ‘Fuser’ with enough items to fulfill the creation requirements .

- Equip your Glitch Goon with two or more items from the same rare gear set to activate a set bonus. The more Rare, Epic, or Legendary items from the same set your Glitch Goon is equipped with, the bigger the bonus is .

5 Types of Glitch Goons :

Aggressor - Equipped with the head of a common Garthorix predator resembling the terrestrial wolf. It performs well in close combat, charging and defending itself with the same power and dexterity. The Aggressor is always thirsty for blood .

Protector - Enhanced with the genes of a large Garthorix reptile, not unlike a terrestrial dinosaur. While lacking agility and speed, the Protector has great strength and features solid natural armor .

Velorex - Based on a small predator with a poisonous tail, which was widespread on Garthorix prior to colonization. Although the Velorex has almost no natural defenses and very little strength, they are balanced by great speed and agility. The Velorex moves fast and strikes like a lightning.

Sapirex - A crossbreed between the indigenous Garthorix and a humanoid mammal resembling the terrestrial chimpanzee. In combat, the Sapirex employs not only its own body but also utilizes specialized technologies and advanced tools. This gains the Sapirex an edge to winning in combat against stronger and faster opponents .

Levionix - based on a large bird of prey from Garthorix. The Levionix is the only 'carrier' that can levitate and control power weapons. Its weak defense is balanced by a highly developed intellect and attack range. The Levionix can strike from a distance without needing to get close to their opponent .

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