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United Front Modern War
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United Front Modern War is a Free Android , New Role-Playing RTS Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring over 53 nations on a global map , over 240 types of units to round out your army .

United Front is a free to play , global MMO RTS modern war game for you . Build bases, plunder neighbors , recruit veteran fighters , and join with your allies in a bid for global domination !

Game Features :

- Join the fray of over 53 nations on a global map

- Deploy over 240 types of units to round out your army

- Mix and match unit types to make a ferocious fighting force

- Utilize army, air force, naval units, and special forces to crush the enemy

- Build your base, develop technologies, or steal tech from your foes

- Create carrier strike groups for attack missions and power projection

A carrier group has been spotted in route to your region. The standard they bear is that of a bitter foe. You’ve notified your allies and they’re mobilizing for conflict . It’s time to deploy carriers, air force, special ops, and armored divisions of your own to neutralize the incoming threat .

Welcome to United Front . Make alliances, develop your general’s abilities, build bases, raid neighbors, and bring stability to this war-torn Earth .

Join with thousands of players around the globe in a game of strategy, war, alliances, and intrigue. Plot swift counter attacks with allies or go rogue as an unaligned mercenary state. Direct your dealings in warfare and diplomacy on a massive world map full of plunder and peril !

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