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Void Rim - registration for the Beta phase started

Void Rim - registration for the Beta phase started

Wednesday, 04 April 2012 11:16 mmoraw
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Now you can attend to the beta phase for the free to play game Void Rim , do not miss the opportunity to be the first one to test this game.

Void Rim is a turn based strategy game, all online and FREE to play. It's a game about cunning, creativity, and customization.

"Participation in the beta will give you early access to the game and, if you're interested, you'll have the opportunity to help guide the game's development so that it can be the best game possible. While Desert Owl Games is still working on the details, beta participants may also be eligible for highly exclusive in-game items. As a bonus, if you're able to recruit one of your friends to the beta, you'll be given a chance to reserve your player name before the beta starts and will be the first to receive their beta invitation!"

Players choose what strategies to employ by selecting technologies for their loadout. The creativity of these loadouts and the strength of their play, are what determine if a battle is won or lost in a head to head match.
The goal of a Void Rim match is to destroy your opponents base before they destroy yours.
It's like a traditional collectible table-top game, except its online, everything is configurable, players can upgrade units during a game, and playing the game earns you in-game currency which you can use to get more stuff.
Characters can be customized by choosing and attaching up to three powers and two weapons. A power is an ability that performs some utility during a game. Powers usually have class or race restrictions and can really shape how a character is used. A few examples are flight, invisibility, damage bonuses, resistances and so on. Weapons are things like swords or sniper rifles with special abilities all their own, such as sword slash or shield bash.

Loadouts also give the player a chance to customize their experience by picking from four different kinds of tech. Characters and structures are the units on the ground that the player can move, defend, and attack with. Commands are powerful abilities used directly by the player, such as area based damage or temporary character buffs. Finally, research are dramatic upgrades that affect your team for the rest of a game.
Void Rim will be launching with three factions, each with their own unique visual style, game play options, and lore.
The Helios Legionaries have a lot of mobility with powers that allow them to leap and teleport, as well as good defensive potential with sentry guns and the engineers to support them.
The Dronos are about versatility and strength in numbers. They can also be very tricky; some can be rigged to explode when they die, or construct units from the rubble of fallen allies.
The Nethermongers are about manipulation and staying power. They have some fantastic life stealing capabilities, potential for advanced combos, and become more and more powerful over the course of a game.

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