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Dawn Break Ice and Fire
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Dawn Break Ice and Fire is a Free Android , New Action Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game .

Silver Phantom, Hilde. Ice Crystal Angel, Feilin. Flame Warlock, Agate . Known or unknown, the Heroes each bears secrets.

Facing the revealing scheme of the empire, the future lies in your hand now !

Developed by the Dawn Break team , 3rd work of the series , continue to challenge you taste as an ARPG player !

- Elite Action RPG - Is your control skill sharpened for the trial ?

Absolutely no dull moment, absolute test of your skill! Only continuous practices can aid you in desperate Boss fights.

- The most legendary storyline - Break levels continuously

More than 100 levels, "Ordinary" and "Elite" challenges await you.

- Beated the game ? There’s more for you to explore !

Solo heroes, join fellow adventurers in Dawn Break : The Flaming Emperor now ! Get access to more Story line, new Characters, and find guilds that are recruiting new blood !

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