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Critter Clash
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Critter Clash is a Free Android , New Strategy Battle Arena , Mobile Multiplayer Game where You take down your enemies and sling and swing with friends in multiplayer rumble in the jungle .

Take down your enemies and sling and swing with friends in this multiplayer rumble in the jungle . Build and battle a team of animals with unique flying missiles, a variety of materials to build your branches and moment to moment gameplay that will have you holding onto your hat ! Critter Clash is a real-time battle area , you'll collect, unlock and upgrade your animals and build your team .

Fancy a flying flamethrower ? How about a poison mushroom to the face ? Or maybe you’re the conniving type, taking your time to slowly break down your opponent's defences. Whatever your strategy, you’ll be able to build a unique team of animals to help you get all the way to the top .

Game Features :

- Battle players from around the world in real-time

- Defeat your enemies to rank up and progress through the leagues .

- Watch top players matches on Monkey TV to learn from the pros !

- Challenge your friends to a duel

- Construct your ultimate team of animals

- Upgrade and unlock your animals - they all have different attacks and abilities

- Daily and weekly quests, plus exciting in-game events

- Take down your enemies to win bananas and unlock rewards, chests, animals and more .

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