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World of Legends
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World of Legends is a Free Android , New Adventure Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game in a Fantasy World where Heroes and monsters clash freely .

Play for FREE with thousands of players in a Fantasy World where Heroes and monsters clash freely in this age of magic ! We bring you the world's first Open-World MMORPG Strategy game designed specifically for mobile gaming on the go .

Re-awaken memories of the classic Strategy , Adventure, and MMO games you once loved. Command different troops in epic battles and wars and lead your friends to victories across the Kingdom. Channel your inner Legend as you embark on epic battles against other players and Guilds to become the greatest in the World !

Why Play ? - CLASH against other players in real-time. Heroic Player-versus-Player (PVP) combat with spells, sidekicks, and strategies for you to overwhelm your opponents. Why play multiplayer games if you can't prove that you're the BEST?

- Team up with FRIENDS - Invite your friends to explore this Open-World with you, conquer new regions, and dominate with multiplayer battles, events, and RPG quests all designed for you to enjoy with your band of Legends.

- Expand your COLLECTION - Unlock Spells, unique Sidekicks, and epic Gear in your journey to become the very best! Earn prizes in events to customize your Heroes, and become a Legend among the other players.

The mobile MMORPG you never knew you needed - Forget the Battle Royale games! Say "no" to Idle AFK games! Download NOW for FREE and jump into real combat in our exciting MMORPG Adventure world full of legendary RPG heroes !

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