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Soul Seeker Six Knights
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Soul Seeker Six Knights is a Free Android , New Action Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring over 150 unique heroes and Sixth Order .

Soul Seeker : Six Knights is a strategy RPG set in the great continent of Hermes . Put your strategy and tactics to the test as you summon, upgrade and collect heroes, engage in PvE and PvP battles and use the Link System to empower your warriors. In this anime RPG, your heroes must find the Soulstones and save the land from ruin. Warriors of five orders from across all of Hermes are seeking the five Soulstones to gain the power of the gods, so the Sixth Order, the Albion Knights, must find them first and prevent the destruction of Hermes .



- Quest with six of your best heroes and help save Hermes!

- Anime RPG heroes and pets have the incredible charms and assets of the original Soul Seeker

- Use tactics and strategy to assemble the best team for any situation


- Summon from over 150 unique heroes

- Gacha system makes each new hero a welcome surprise

- Upgrade your heroes and equipment to make the strongest team


- New Link System binds two to three heroes together to unlock buffs

- Raid dungeons with your bounded heroes and head towards amazing battles

- Attack using the special attribute of your hero (Fire, Water, Air, Light and Darkness) to defeat opposing monsters


- JRPG: Go on an adventure with your team and save Hermes on Story mode

- Multiple PvE modes: Fight the Evil of Devil’s Dungeon to collect runes and battle in the Temple of Hermes to earn gems and precious items

- Online PvP: Compete with other players in thrilling PvP Arenas


- Action RPG gives you control of your heroes

- Battles let you use up to 6 heroes (3 main heroes, 3 support heroes)

- Strategically position your team and target your attacks for maximum control over your battle with a touch-and-drag system

- Tag System: collect tag gauges to summon your support heroes to battle!

- Use skills and reinforce your attacks

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