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Sword Girls
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Sword Girls is an 2D Browser Based, collectible Card MMO Game featuring artistic anime artwork and strategic gameplay.

Sword Girls is free to play and works on any web browser or flash-enabled mobile device, you will be able to play it on smart phones, net books, tablets, and other devices like that. Is very easy to learn and master compared to other complicated card titles all is done without sacrificing anything from the strategic tactical side of the game.

The story of Sword Girls speaks about a world not so different from our own was overrun by monsters of an unknown origin. Their rampage was stopped only by the discovery of a mysterious metal known as talentium. Once forged, talentium swords granted their bearers magical powers that were able to put an end to the monstrous horde. While peace has returned to the world, talentium has created a new era where the same magic that was once used to wage war is being put to everyday use. For Sita Vilosa, SkyHigh student and part-time monster hunter, life is about to change.

The graphics of the Sword Girls is a rare combination of 2D hand painted cards influenced by anime art. 2D style suits very well this game and also has the advantages that does not have high hardware requirements.

The crafting is a very interesting feature. Gathering crafting materials in Sword Girls is done by competing through dozens of dungeon levels against computer opponents or by challenging other players to online duels. The cards can be trained and upgrade it and you can break them down to take back the initial material of which were composed or at least some part of the materials, not all of them.

There are three main types of cards: the character cards which are more like your leader cards and have a set amount of HP, the spell cards which can aid you in battle and the Follower Cards which are put on the board to do the actual fight. To win a match you must take the enemy Character Card life down to 0 or make them use up all of their cards.

Overall, Sword Girls has much to offer, is easy to learn and the conclusion is, that is very fun to play not only by the fans of the cards games, but also by those who can appreciate a good quality game.


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