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Versus NEXT Fight CCG RPG
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Versus NEXT Fight is a Free Android , New Strategy Colectible Card , Mobile Multiplayer turn-based Game featuring a competition between two clans .

Versus NEXT Fight is a turn-based fighting game where you can try yourself in battle using a deck of cards ! You choose the character and duke it out with other players online . Take turns combining techniques to plan your next attack or defense !

Get ready for exciting battles and card customizations ! Compete with 17 unique characters all with their own techniques, talents and unique fighting styles, plus more than 80 skins . Compete and win to boost your rating and unlock new consumables and techniques to crush your opponents .

CLAN WAR : Clan wars are a competition between two clans. The goal is to defeat your opponent's tower and gain the most clan XP. The winner clan gets a War Box as a reward .

Clan wars are divided into two parts : Preparation and War .

Preparation :

- Clan members put up their heroes for clan defense

- Clan leaders select where they go in the clan tower

- Heroes assigned to tower defense are unavailable for arena battles during clan wars

- The leader sets traps

- Clan tower positions with no heroes assigned are automatically captured by the drone

War :

- Players choose a point in the enemy’s clan tower and attack it

- Only heroes not assigned to clan defense are available to attack

- Tower lines must be defeated one by one

- Each hero has just one attempt to attack (no matter if they win or lose the battle) .

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