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Novoland The Castle In The Sky
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Novoland The Castle In The Sky is a Free Android , New Action Role-Playing , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a multiplayers Battle Royale Mode .

Novoland (九州天空城) is 3D Fantasy Open World, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game . It’s redefining the 3D MMORPG experience on mobile, flying in the open word with the 3D stunning visual . Now, it’s free to play !

Game Features :

- Raids with Friends - Up to 20 different types of Raids let you to adventure .

- Real-time PVP - Join the multiplayers Battle Royale Mode. Experience Real-time PVP battleground .

-Character Customization - Makeup yourself, create your own unique character !

- Flying in 3D Stunning Visual - Single or Duo flying in the open world with everywhere you want .

- Real Friendship in game - Chat with players around the world, with the voice system .

- Show Yourself In The World - More than a hundred different titles and become the unique one !

- Advanced Clan System - Your clan is your family, also have Clan Battle, fight for your clan’s honor !

- Take No UI Photo - Take No UI selfie or photos with your friends .

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