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World War 1945
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World War 1945 is a Free Android , New Simulation Mobile Multiplayer Game set in World War II .

The largest war in history has begun. As a Commander immersed in this history , construct bases , train soldiers , and make an impact on the battlefield . You must come up with remarkable strategies and rewrite history. World War 1945 Front Line is awaiting your orders .

- Holistic Military - World War 1945 is a real-time strategy game set in World War II. Construct bases, train soldiers, and create various strategies in the name of victory .

- Authentic, Historical Research - Experience the war's major battles including the ones at Normandy, Stalingrad, and others. Become a Commander in campaign mode, and dominate the battles .

- Perfect Reproductions - Everything from the Sherman and the Tiger to the Bismarck and the Enterprise! Live out your military fantasy and head to the battlefield with honest, historical representations of tanks, battleships, and fightercraft .

- More In-depth Military Tactics - Implement different plans of attack with the support of aircraft carrier bombardment and air raids. The scale of battle grows with the diverse skills at your disposal. Upgrade your bases and troops to acquire various skills and gain an advantage on the battlefield .

- High Quality Graphics - From top-notch sound to rising dust on the battlefield,

we offer you life-like battles with the realism presented by our quarter view, high quality graphics .

- Real-time PVP Battles - Countless players will attack your base.

Fight off these opponents by constructing defense towers, and placing your troops strategically to ensure victory .

Ground warfare! Aerial warfare! Naval warfare! Experience it all in World War 1945 Front Line !

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