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RichState is a 2D Browser Based MMO Game that blends strategy with car racing elements.

RichState is a game that blends strategy with simulation elements to be consider an interesting title for fans of browser games. „The new game has got it all: flash-based fancy interface and frames, classic features of store creation, product sale, employee management, guild development and political structure. But the highlight of RichState is definitely the car racing system, where players can enhance their car and parts of the car so they can compete in various races. The originality of this new system has brought more excitement to a classic SIM game”.

„There are 10 different types of stores of 5 different industries in RichState. The look of a store will gradually change when it upgrades. The ingame currency of Rich$tate is R$D, which players can obtain it majorly through store revenue. Employees, store levels, the industry you have selected and other factors (like emergency events) will affect the store revenue. Players can also sell their products on trade market to get some extra R$D.”

Vehicle Components

„The items of RichState have 5 different levels: white, green, blue, purple and orange. Spare parts and set parts will also have different bonuses on vehicle attribute. This classic RPG feature gives players a easier time to figure out all the items and shows the simplicity of RichState”.


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