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Eternity Legends : League of Gods Dynasty Warriors
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Eternity Legends is a Free Android , New Action RPG Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring many famous places in the world to Thanatos Castle .

An action strategy RPG with futuristic fights of Gods against Thanatos and his army . Start your journey from hot deserts through many famous places in the world to Thanatos Castle . Collect, train and form legendary team to participate in battles, daily challenges, epic boss conquests and compete in the Arena .


- Non-stop combats with dynamic effects and diverse skill animations.

- Numerous heroes from different cultures to collect and form the most powerful team.


- Level Up, Tier Up and Rank Up your godly heroes, craft and collect rare weapons, increase combat power, equip gear for proper tactics.

- Call for the help of allies in battlefield to overturn the battle and win against the opponents.


- Adventure Mode: fight and capture cities around the world, collect gear and level up your gods.

- Sky Scraper: challenge your limits by conquering many levels of increasing difficulty.

- Star Gates: new challenges every day, collecting materials to get mysterious gods.

- Super Boss: be careful when fighting with this gigantic creature if you don’t want to be slaughtered.

- Global Boss: oppose against boss attacks with other players around the world.


- Participate Arena, experience PvP battles with players around the world.

- Make your way to the top of the battleground and gain glorious trophies.


- Join and connect with other players to form a Guild.

- Team up with your guild mates to become the best ones together and earn legendary rewards.

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