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Mission Against Terror (MAT online)
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Mission Against Terror (MAT online) is a First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game featuring real world weapons, and a variety of game modes and customizable characters.

Mission Against Terror (MAT online) is set in an not so distant fictional time not far from our own future where two teams fight each other in several places around the world offering a classic gameplay experience. There are several game modes and features such as avatars customization, and diversified weapons, and some small maps. Different characters are available, including a variety of clothing options to customize the player characters.

Mission Against Terror (MAT online) graphics are quite disappointing and give the feeling of an older game and it is an old game from 2009, now relaunched and is focused more on the fluidity of the controls rather than the quality of the graphics. Having lower system requirements make MAT online easier to run especially if you are using an low spec PC.

The controls are fair, however the aiming and firing of most weapons is uncomfortable and awkward. At first you would attribute this to you are not accustomed to the controls, but after a few hours you gonna realize that it is not going to get better.

Overall Mission Against Terror (MAT online) can be a valid option as game reserve but in terms of innovation you gonna have a big disappointment.


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