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Mini Shooters : Battleground Shooting Game
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Mini Shooters is a Free Android , New Action Shooter Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a Thrilling Zombie Mode .

Mini Shooters Battleground Shooting Game is a new Free Multiplayer Cartoon Shooting Game . That will make you forget any other FPS Battleground Shooting Game ! Feel the Battleground with the combination of Thrilling Unlimited Zombie in Zombie Mode . You get the thrill of this adrenaline filled with Free Multiplayer Shooting Game will never end .


- All Time Favorite Thrilling Zombie Mode .

- Four Stunning Battleground Shooting Maps to Play .

- Huge Arsenal of Guns to Play in PvP !

- Fashionable Character Customization !

- Easy Game Play & Auto Shoot Feature in Free FPS Game !

Currently Game has 5 different Modes to Play: Team Death Match, Survival Mode, Zombie Mode, Head Shot and Similar Gun Mode .

- Team Death Match - Play with teammates online shooting in war, respawn and survive for your special ops team !

- Survival Mode - Play solo, respawn and kill as much as you can to win this battleground survival shooting game .

- Zombie Mode - Play in best survival action with unlimited zombies behind you. Ultimate zombie survival experience in multiplayer shooting game !

- Head Shot - Focus on the rivals head and get the best head shot multiplayer shooting game .

- Similar Gun - Free for all survival round with similar guns in all hands to win !


Stunning 4 different maps to play: Dockyard, Simple Military, Airport & Alpine Woodland.

25+ Massive Arsenal Collections of Guns! Choose your Weapon, Get a Grenade, Blind your rivals with Flash Bang, Throw Smoke Grenade, Use a Medical kit to Survive Battleground Multiplayer Shooting Game.

Join or Create Room and Play this Survival Battleground Multiplayer Online Game without Internet with your friends in Free FPS Multiplayer Game.


100+ Different Avatars with Fashionable Customization

15+ Attractive Face Mask

15+ Exclusive Caps

15+ Cool Goggles

Mini Shooters is very much compatible with Stunning Graphics and Smooth Game Play. It is really simple that anyone could play. But it does require authentic skills, accuracy, Interest of playing Shooting Game in Zombie Mode is extremely challenging to survive with Unlimited Zombies and hard to escape Battleground. Engage in Online Multiplayer Battleground with Stunning Maps and using different Tactics to Play.

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