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Cradle of Magic - card game battle arena rpg
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Cradle of Magic is a Free Android , New Collectible Card Strategy , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring more than 50 000 combinations of the deck .

Cradle of Magic is RPG game, in which battle arena is combined with the Collectible Card Game CCG . The deck of cards is the main weapon of a player in the battle arena. Battle cards have to be combined between each other and also effectively reconciled with the hero’s weapons for battle. You can collect, upgrade magical cards, trade them with other players and even seize them in battles .


- Collect battle cards summoning magical creatures, monsters and spells into the PvP arena

- Watch the fighting between magical creatures, develop your own unique strategy of cards deck compilation and cards battlefield tactics


- Develop your hero: equip the hero with powerful armour, epic weapons, battle cards and magic items

- Lead card wars with other players online, attack the opponents, fight with friends, climb up the top of the rating

- Challenge the strongest and become the first hero of the Cradle of Magic!


- Develop your camp, earn resources, build a magical portal, improve buildings


- Team up with your friends in clans and become invincible on battle arena RPG

- Exchange battle cards with friends, get experience and gold for it!


- Unique system of card warfare online RPG

- 4 schools of battle cards: Undead, Demons, Nature and Element

- More than 50,000 combinations of the deck

- Battles with other players around the world on battle arena RPG online

- Ability to play in social networks and on mobile devices

About the world : The game takes place in the medieval world. Mysterious meteorites fall on the ground, filling the life of ordinary people with magic. With the advent of magic, the heroes appeared, who soon mastered the new forces, and the war of heroes broke out. All over the world the battles of the magicians began. Armed with magic cards, heroes started summoning magical creatures on the battlefield and casting powerful spells. The world was filled with unknown creatures of incredible power. Magical power has become available to everyone, but only the one who can turn magic in his own interests will rule the world.

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