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Hexlords Battle Royale
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Hexlords Battle Royale is a Free Android , New Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game taking place in a World where the united Democratic government has finally collapsed .

This was a world made out from the best intentions. The year is 2020 and tensions have reached critical mass between the four major factions of the world - The United, The Guards, Modernists, and Zealots . Having enjoyed peace and world-wide social and economic freedom since the end of World War II , the United Democratic Government has finally collapsed due to increasing pressure from radicals to reintroduce borders and independence between countries. This has given rise to underground warlords wishing to take advantage of this situation be it from a moral standpoint or for pure profit .

PICK A SIDE - Do you believe in absolute independence like the Zealots or do you trust in the powers of a United government? Choose a side or play the field to build the ultimate force.

CREATE AN UNSTOPPABLE ARMY - Reap the spoils of victory and obtain resources to upgrade your base and gain access to advanced weaponry and highly specialised troops.

INFLUENCE THE TIDES OF BATTLE - Hire generals from any of the four factions to take advantage of their immense power on the battlefield, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

CREATE LASTING (OR BENEFICIAL) ALLIANCES WITH OTHER WARLORDS - Form alliances with friends and enemies alike and formulate your plans for world domination together.

COMPETE IN SUDDEN DEATH BATTLE ROYALES FOR A CHANCE TO WIN INCREDIBLE PRIZES - Regular PvP tournaments that test your skills as a strategist and warlord. Can you make it to the top ?

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