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Pocket Tennis League
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Pocket Tennis League is a Free Android , New Sport Simulation , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring an different game modes, such as World Career and Quick Match .

Pocket Tennis League is one of the most realistic tennis gameplay on mobile ? Tennis League , swiping and flicking by your fingers, you can enjoy beautiful 3D graphics and pack of action . The thrilling gameplay is FREE to download .

Select the top seed tennis player from your team, equip sports gear as you do in real life, and take the coolest tennis racket from your collection ! After customizing your character(s) . To provide a more free action experience the tennis game mode have been adjusted slightly, resulting in Career & vs Match , classic develop fun and fast-paced gameplay have been offered much more exciting matches .

Game Feature :

- Enjoy realistic graphics .

- Unique training mode to make your players better in match .

- Experience different game modes, such as World Career and Quick Match .

- Master up to different special skills to surprise your opponents .

- Play with unique players, with their own playing talent .

- Customize your player's equipment. Tops, bottoms, sneakers with cool rackets and hairstyles .

- One or two-handed controls, enjoy tennis in pocket .

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