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Zeus Battlegrounds
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Zeus Battlegrounds is a Free 2 play Action , Online Multiplayer Game set in the time of Olympus and the Greek Gods .

Fight like a Demigod ! Zeus Battlegrounds is a free-to-play, melee-based, 100+ player Battle Royale game set in the time of Olympus and the Greek Gods . Play Solo or in Teams of up to 4 players, collect Godlike Gear and Legendary Weapons, and prove you are worthy of becoming a god .

Gear up and prepare for battle in the fight of your life ! Summoned by Zeus for the ultimate test of cunning and will, your challenge is to defeat all other Demigods in order to take your rightful place on Olympus.

Game Features :

- Free-to-Play Melee-based Battle Royale Game

- Fight as a Demigod in action packed battles including God powers

- 100 players per game

- Season format where you can earn dozens of cosmetic items

- Huge world (Additional combat areas will be added regularly)

- Play Solo or in Teams of up to 4 players

- Leaderboards show current rankings and personal stats

- Legendary weapons

- 4 levels of Godlike Armor

- Customizable male and female characters

- Play in 1st or 3rd person view .

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