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Sailor Cats is a Free Android , Casual Fish and grow one Tap , New Mobile Game featuring an intuitive one-tap controls .

Ahoy , Captain ! Do you need some chill out time ? Wanna play a relaxing but super fun adventure game and collect lots of cute and nerdy things ? Great! But careful! Because this little felines with frisky paws will steal and melt your heart in a blink .

Help your lonely fisher cat on its fishing adventure through becoming the most kawaii pirate in the seven seas! Find furry friends to join its happy fleet, collect rare treasures and discover a-meow-zing new worlds full of crazy creatures and paw-some boats ! OMG wait! Is that a map in a bottle? Someone needs to be rescued! Or maybe it’s a hidden treasure full of adorable costumes and toys to fill our kitty collection! Let’s set sail for this kawaii island !

Hold on tight to the fishing rod with your tiny claws because it’s gonna be a wild run !

Game Features :

- Super fun and addictive casual click-and-collect game

- Easy to play - intuitive one-tap controls - tap at the right time to fish new treasures !

- Great for kids, moms, grannies, crazy cat ladies and cool dudes alike :O The whole family can play and enjoy Sailor Cats !

- Open bottles and dress your kitties with more than 150 kigurumis. Collect them all !

- Upgrade your ships while fishing wood, coins & shells!

- A whole desert island with different creatures and 8 magnificent landscapes

- 200 geeky relics inspired by historical objects with a link to the Wikipedia - for all the curious cats out there!

- Special monthly offers, kittens and gifts will be added with holidays updates: Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and other limited time events !

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