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Luna is a Free Android , New Idle Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a various combination of party system, monsters with unique ability, and dynamic battles .

Idle RPG about Dragon hunting adventure of ‘Knightess Luna’ At the edge of Stonia continent, there lives a legendary dragon in the Kelpy Mountain. Luna goes on an adventure to hunt down the dragon. Learn various skills, summon new mercenaries, craft legendary weapons, explore mysterious world and defeat unique monsters. Enjoy the game with Knightess Luna .

- Various combination of party system, monsters with unique ability, and dynamic battle!

-Hundreds of monsters, with different tactics, will try to stop Luna’s journey.

-Luna becomes stronger with better weapons, armors, accessories, skills and Lumina’s Berries.

-Summon more than 50 mercenaries, manage the party for the victory.

- More than 400 equipment, 50 mercenaries, and 60 companion monsters.

Get more than 400 types of items, equip them to be stronger

Equip weapons, shields, rings, and armors to customize Luna’s look.

More than 50 mercenaries, each has their own unique skill and special ability.

Using various combination of mercenaries to apply different tactics.

You can also befriend with monsters Luna met during the adventure, and fight with them.

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