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Fusion of Heroes is a Free Android , Puzzle RPG Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a unique combination of Match-3 and Card Battle gameplay .

A mysterious power fulfilled the land of Fusionia. Battles arose from the peace between three factions. Heroes are controlled to fight against each other. The beautiful ground turned into the battlefield. You came here with the faith of peace. You are the only hope to save this land. Remember your mission, summon and strengthen your heroes, collect magical creatures, make powerful weapons, raise loyal monsters and loot all kinds of resources. Lead the heroes of three factions and unite these warriors. This magical land of Fusionia needs to be got back!

Game Features :

- Farming - When you are offline, you can set your team to farm automatically. When you come back, you can collect all the resources they loot and be more powerful effortlessly !

- Match-3 & Battle Gameplay - A unique combination of Match-3 and Card Battle gameplay. Match to summon heroes of normal, advance, elite, epic and legendary forms. Then battle with strategy and defeat your enemies.

Try to combine more heroes and more powerful ones within the move limit. You can switch to make a huge combo of combination, so be wise for every move you make. Besides combining to summon heroes, you can also drag out heroes directly. So if there are not enough moves, remember to drag high-level heroes out for more power of your summon team.

- Balanced PVP Battle - In Arena, we have a total balanced and fair game mode. You and your opponent will get identical 3 random heroes to start, no matter what your levels are or how much you’ve spent. They can’t be changed in any way, so all you have to do is try your best to match and summon as many heroes as you can within the move limit.

You’ll need to pay attention to your opponent’s hero type so that you can summon corresponding heroes to suppress. Strategize on options between quality and quantity.

The rule is best of five, so don’t be afraid to lose one or two strategically. Consuming your opponent’s best team with the worst one of yours is actually a good deal.

These tactics alone determine the results of Arena battles, no string attached. Win over all your opponents with your wisdom and try to get higher rank in seasons for more exciting awards.

- Card Training - Summon powerful heroes for your team and train them. Lead them to grow in battles and win!

- Daily Puzzle - Solve puzzles and achieve goals with as few moves as you can to win more great prizes .

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