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Egg Heroes Saga
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Egg Heroes Saga is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a innovative fighting method, fight in a straight line, you can't avoid it, you can only choose to fight until you win or all the eggs got broken .

Nowadays, it is too hard to develop a quite creative game with strategy and fair play system. Luckily, this game producers come and finally make it. This is a great game and I recommend it to you now. Of course, it is unavoidable to have some in-app purchases to help you complete the quests faster. The game producers will do they best to balance the justice in payment and play system. Give it a shot and have fun !

Game Feature :

- Innovative fighting method - Fight in a straight line, you can't avoid it. You can only choose to fight until you win or all the eggs got broken.

- Rich pre war strategy arrangement

- Strategy games can be divided into two types: Wartime strategy and pre war strategy.. What's before you is a pre war strategy game for now. You need to consider the matching of hero's professional attributes, hero skills, hero schools, and eggshell enchantments and so on. The battle is fully automatic. In the later period, we may join some wartime strategies, hoping to increase your sense of operation and devotion. Hope to bring you more fun and look forward to it!

Multiple PVP Mode

- There are many ways to play sports. It is meaningless to list them one by one. Please feel free to enter the game. What I want to say is, when your eggs are beginning to grow and get stronger, what are you waiting for? Call your friends quickly, come to play eggs together !

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