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Clancraft is a Free Android , Role-Playing RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring over 20 troops that await your summons to battle .

Who can rule over the realm with unheard of power left by ancestors? 60 chiefs across the globe are ready to fight. Over 20 troops await your summons to battle. Conquer them, be the chieftain of all chiefs! Not just a RTS game, this is Battle Royale .

Game Features :

- Last one stands - 60 enter, 1 survives! Crush your enemies with your brains and brawn. Only winner takes all.

- 20+ troops at your command - Recruit and combine 20+ unique troops with specialties. Challenges await, remember to buff up your soldiers with spells.

- Team up and tear up - Sweep the battlefield with battle buddies in Quad Mode. Grow your alliance for richer resources and bigger bonuses.

- Game of Strategy - Conquer other players’ castles to plunder their resources and climb power rankings! Remember to scout before you attack!

- Fair gaming arena - Friend, feud, and chat with players around the world in real time .

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