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Tap Cats Battle Arena CCG
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Tap Cats Battle Arena is a Free Android , Card Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring hilarious cats and 15 different teams to build, all with different special combo attacks that increase with your team size .

Cards Battles CATS ! Build your deck, discover powerful team combos, and destroy opponents in this unique battle CCG . Collect hilarious cats, assemble their teams, and battle for glory! Use skill and strategy to earn pawesome rewards, uncover new heroes, and dominate PVP and PVE.

The ultimate deck is waiting for you!

EASY TO START. HARD TO PUT DOWN - Battle basics are simple to learn. Strengthen your deck as you develop your strategy, then build your way up to dominate the arena.

DOMINATE WITH TEAM ATTACKS - Unlock powerful team attacks in battle by grouping team cards and harnessing their skills. Watch abilities stack up and pulverize enemies with the ultimate combo.

STUNNING HAND DRAWN CHARACTERS - These battle worn cats are hilarious and unique. Find your favorite to take into combat! These are no ordinary heroes.

UNLEASH EVERY HERO - With over 100 initial cards to collect (and many more to come), you’ll constantly develop new ways to enhance your play. Discover new cats with diverse origins, then upgrade and evolve them to epic proportions. Unleash the furry fury and be victorious!

Game Features :

- 15 different teams to build, all with different special combo attacks that increase with your team size!

- Unlock 10 different Heroes to lead your cats into battle. Use their unique alliances to reinforce your deck and give your battle a boost.

- Battle other players globally in PvP, or master the unfolding adventure and quests for loot.

- Gorgeous hand drawn art, with unique and entertaining characters. Collect and learn about every one of these fun super heroes!

- Multiple strategies for combat and building the ultimate teams. Mix and match cards for their abilities, or amass a full team for true furrocity .

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