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Seven Souls Online
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Seven Souls Online is a 3D Role Playing MMO Game featuring an "Rage Mode" that changes the appearance of your character and greatly increases your attack power and critical chance.

The game „Seven Souls Online" have a story that tells us about a way to control the destructive powers of the seven souls, namely to seal them away. The seven souls are the most fundamental powers of humankind, and they represent the basic elements of nature. The Seals of the seven souls are found throughout Akkadia. The Guardians of the Seals receive immense power from the Source. They serve to protect the Seals from any who would want to destroy them. The Guardians take the forms of various sacred creatures and eventually become celestial dragons. The Guardians can then inherit the powers of the very souls they protect.

The most noticeable feature of Seven Souls Online is the ability to transform your own character by activating the "Rage Mode". The "Rage Mode" is some kind of buff that changes the appearance, increases attack power and critical chances. The rest of gameplay elements are those usual for a quality Role-Playing game so I not going to insist on them. What bother, and maybe it will annoy the potential players of this game is that feeling of „deja vu”, the feeling that you played this game a thousand times before even this is not true and this is the first time you try it. Definitely the originality is not the strong point of this game, however I think the game is quite interesting especially because it has a decent graphics sometimes even with artistic tendencies, oh! and let's not forget about that blood and the gushing out parts from enemies killed.

As a conclusion I do not want to give to you hope that "Seven Souls Online" is an unprecedented revolutionary game but is pretty interesting as a whole game and you might have a pleasant surprise in the end.


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