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Dragon RPG Dragon Village M
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Dragon RPG Dragon Village M is a Free Android , Role-Playing RPG , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring strategic fun with deck building, Tap & Drag style battle, and awesome rewards .

Dragon RPG Dragon Village M is a dragon collection RPG game packed with unique , colorful dragons to collect, upgrade, and battle as you venture out on your journey to save the world .


- Add beautiful dragons to your collection!

- Level up, Evolve, and become best friends with beautiful dragons!

- Dynamic 2D animations!


- Strategic fun with deck building, Tap & Drag style battle, and awesome rewards!

- Feel right at home in Clan by chatting and sharing tips with other players, and fight your way up to get to the top!

- Develop your own strategy and team up with your friends' dragons!


- Adventure - Embark on a journey full of exciting adventures and explore the world of the dragon tamers

- Dungeon - Clear dungeons and collect materials to strengthen your dragons

- Competition - Compete in both PvE and PvP with your strongest dragons

- Community - Get help, tips, and even borrow dragons from friends, strangers, and fellow clan members .

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