Seven Souls Online - Open Beta officially begins today

Thursday, 15 March 2012 14:56 mmoraw
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The time has come! The Seven Souls Online Open Beta officially begins today March 14th at 1:30 am PST/ March 14th 4:30 am EST.

"Seven Souls Online" is a new Free To Play, Role Playing MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, a fantasy world that combines the ancient East and West, as well as elements of science-fiction.

Open Beta Content Updates.

New Areas: - Dragonscale Valley Zone, - Labyrinth of the Sea Dungeon, - Netherworld (4 Level Underground Dungeon)
Increased Level Cap: - You’ll now be able to reach up to level 40.

PvP: - Open world PvP becomes active at level 31 so watch your back!
New Tutorial System: - The new Master’s Scroll tutorial system will be introduced.
New tutorial will help new players understand the game better.
You will gain a new scroll at every level until level 20.

Monster Updates: - Field Monster balancing done on the Raging Tiger and Aqua Toad
Slightly decreased HP.
Skill effect slightly increased.
Increased attack power.

- Changed the Monster re-spawn time for Wanted quest.
From Lv.01 - 20: The 1 minute re-spawn time will remain the same.
From Lv. 21 - 30: Re-spawn time has changed to every 5 minutes.
From Lv. 31 - 41: Re-spawn time has changed to every 15 minutes.

Quest Updates:
- Emperor’s Notice quests can now be picked up at Izvara Palace.

Dungeon Balancing
- Decreased the amount of dungeon entries per tier but increased the loot within.

- You’ll now be able to use a Mana Carriage to get to Dragonscale Valley.
- You’ll also be able to Teleport to Dragonscale Valley.

Character Creation:
- Character naming limit has been lowered from 40 to 20 characters per name.
- Closed Beta participates will be able to re-use their Closed Beta character names during Open Beta.
o This will only be in effect for characters that reached level 5 or above during Closed Beta.

Dying in Battle:
- The repair cost for damage taken during battle or when killed has increased.
- You won’t be able to teleport to nearest village anymore, only to saved points so make sure to visit the Pylon of Life often.


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