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Combat Assault FPP Shooter
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Combat Assault FPP Shooter is a Free Android , Action Shooter Mobile Multiplayer Game .

Combat Assault is a hot new PvP shooter with intense gameplay, loads of skins, weapons, a ranking system, and the ability to level up characters through a skill tree. Choose your weapon from a huge variety, battle it out with players from around the world, and upgrade your fighter to the max. Fight as part of a team in the classic style you know and love .

Game Features :

- Weapons - The game has over 30 different weapons, from the classic AK-47, m4a4 and AWP, to super powerful mini guns and shotguns. Get armed to the teeth and jump into battle !

- Skill tree - Boost up your characters for better results, upgrade armor, health, reload time and so much more depending on character class .

- Ranks - Just like in other classic shooters, we have a ranking system where the more you win, the higher your rank and the stronger your opponents. Fight for a spot on the leaderboard, boost your rank and improve your shooting skills .

- Weapon skins - The game has lots of cool skins in different colors to suit any taste. Show off what you got to other players .

- Cases and daily bonuses - Open cases, get skins: it couldn't be easier. Complete daily missions and receive daily bonuses like gold and top cases .

- Maps - Different maps with certain areas that might feel familiar... Hone your shooting skills at the shooting range, race against the clock and hit targets as accurately as you can .

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