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Destiny Knights
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Destiny Knights is a Free Android , Role-Playing Action Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring battles in real-time with instant feedback, and strategic choices based on the situation .

Enter a world in turmoil as ancient grudges threaten to destroy civilizations . Take to the skies and follow a group of young adventurers as they travel to unlock ancient mysteries and stop an all-out war in this high-octane action RPG .

Game Features :

- An Epic Tale - Follow the quest of 5 heroes from warring factions as they set sail on an unforgettable journey filled with secrets and mysteries.

- Strategic Gameplay at its Finest - Touch and drag character skills to incapacitate your enemies ! - Battle in real-time with instant feedback, and make strategic choices based on the situation !

- Build Your Team - Collect over 300 distinct and wonderfully-designed characters from across 6 factions. - Level up and evolve your heroes to master challenging dungeons. - Customize your heroes with visually stunning costumes.

- Diverse Game Modes - Experience endless thrills through a variety of game modes! Enter various dungeons and challenge powerful monsters to gain amazing rewards !

- Gorgeous 3D Graphics - Beautifully crafted landscapes, intricate dungeons, and impressive bosses await .

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