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Cosmic Showdown
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Cosmic Showdown is a Free Android , Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring battles against players in real-time .

Engage in one of the most intense real time PVP battles with thousands of online players. Upgrade your units, customize your deck and prepare for epic online battles to win the Cosmic Showdown .

EXPLORE VAST GALAXIES ! - The race to explore the vastness of space has begun. As captain of your own Spaceship, explore galaxies rich with alien planets abundant in rare and lucrative resources.

COLLECT AWESOME UNITS ! - Unlock a wide variety of different attacking, defensive and utility units, each with their own unique abilities by opening crates. As you expand your battle deck, continue to upgrade your units to increase their performance during battle.

INTENSE MULTIPLAYER BATTLES ! - Engage in competitive PVP battles and destroy your opponent’s Spaceship to claim victory.

Game Features :

- Battle against players in real-time to become the ultimate champion.

- Unlock rewards and powerful units to bolster your battle deck.

- Upgrade your units as you unlock new planets to conquer.

- Configure your battle decks to optimize your tactics and strategy.

- Full unit control for the ultimate fast paced battle frenzy.

- Thousands of potential card combinations and battle strategies.

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