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Skylancer - Battle for Horizon is a 2D Fantasy Browser Based, Role Playing MMO Game where strategy and tactics are as important as a love for adventure and exploration.

Skylancer Battle for Horizon (or shortly- Skylancer) is developed in Germany, not only offers a intresting steampunk world with a unique artistic graphics style, but also a unique blend of building strategy, inspired gameplay and decent PvP and PvE Combat, rarely seen in games of this type or genre and above all is totally free to play.

Skylancer does take the base ideas from most empire builders but, however it is a bit different; the gathering of resources (food, wood and stones) is a manual process, not automated, which makes players want to actively stays in the game. Of course there are a second option (preferable), namely to gather resources fighting with different monster controlled by the game or battle against real players (PVP) to collect resources and for the control of various continents present in the game.

From your point of view you control an island, that seems lonely, and also "the island" is the place where you can build different buildings or colect resources from them. Skylancer feature a unique unit system which are based on one of three buildings each type has a different unit type from warriors, beasts, and zombies. Early on, the game, you can pick just one, but later you are able to build them all. You get one of each unit you unlock and the units can actually be "leveled up" like buildings. Each unit have their own resource and item requirements for upgrading, by upgrade them their skills get stronger as do their stats. Units are also able to equip an item, which can have various stats to help you in battle such as defensive or offensive, or even give you more moral or lower the cost of moral to summon that unit.

In a battle if morale falls to zero fight ends, and of course one that has zero loses. Battles are turn-based and requires that every new unit introduced in the battle to choose from 3 coins of fate that give various Bosts's to that respective unit.

For this game I can only have words of praise is a unique game even if it has elements, already encountered, from other games the combination between them makes it unique, it is fun and gives addiction as once the 2D games gave. I would say that it is a kind of classic game with new trends but with feelings of classic game which opens new paths on which games that will come it should take into account.

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