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Lord of Stage
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Lord of Stage is a Free Android , Mobile Multiplayer Game where you defend the Middle-earth world against the monster corps .

- Welcome to everyone in Strategy RPG Lord of Stage.

Now defend the Middle-earth world against the monster corps.

Knights, archers, assassins, warriors, wizards, you can choose a special hero.

You can learn jobs with special abilities and improve to a higher level.

You can feel the fun of character growth that you have not experienced before.

- Meet the world's users.

You can communicate with users of various nationalities and become friends.

Friends can help each other in battle.

Real-time PVP, Friends battle, VS ranking and Stage ranking are ready to join.

VS Ranking and Stage Ranking are decided every week with huge rewards.

- Feel the fun of endless growth.

Over 100 different skills can level up and evolve like a character.

You will get various buffs as much as play time.

Over 100 weapons can be enhanced to make them stronger.

In dungeons, you can get the material of weapons.

- Rewards will continue.

Sign-in bonuses, connection bonuses, hourly bonuses, and mission bonuses are ready every day. You can collect gold and soul stone in dungeon hunting.

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