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Funky Bay Farm & Adventure game
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Funky Bay is a Free Android , Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring your own town and farm .

Hey there , welcome to the tropical island filled with fun . Build your own town and farm. Find your klondike. There’re a lot of plants, animals and pets: chicken, cow and lama await you. Escape to an island in this colorful free-to-play game . Harvest crops, process them at your factories and sell goods to develop your city and farm. Fulfill orders, explore new lands, and build your personal zoo .

Game Features :

- Create and customize your very own island town and farm

- Explore and expand your island to find your klondike

- Harvest crops and craft valuable goods

- Many fun pets and animals and even the zoo

- Trade with island neighbors and friends

- Buy and sell valuables in the marketplace

- Fulfill orders and grow your business

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