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Castle Creeps Battle
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Castle Creeps Battle is a Free Android , Tower-Defense Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game that blends the strategy and dynamics of tower defense .

Castle Creeps Battle is a PvP tower defense strategy game . Clash with opponents from across the globe, outsmart your rivals in real time combat, defend your Castle whilst destroying your enemies’ defenses ! Launch your hero into the action! Build the ultimate Battle Deck and crush the Arenas! Wager your winnings on victory . Castle Creeps Battle is free to download, and free to play, but sadly, is also a pay to win game .

- Four Heroes to choose from, each with their own special ability and stats.

- Over 25 unique Troop cards, 12 different Tower combinations, and a wide variety of Spells.

- Risk big, Win big! Put your Battle Chips where your mouth is, as you wager on your victory.

- 10 Arenas to dominate, as well as Leagues, competitions and a steady stream of events.

- Socialise with Clans and trade cards, or play solo and take on the world alone.

Castle Creeps Battle blends the strategy and dynamics of tower defense, clash, and collectible card games. Timing is everything, allowing quick thinkers to defeat fully-upgraded foes. Prepare for each clash by carefully choosing a strategy. Each card has supporting and counter choices, from ranged warriors hiding behind your massive Ogre Brute to Hero Powers that set entire Goblin Hordes up in flame. Castle Creeps , a fast-paced clash action game .

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