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Legend-Heroes Arrival
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Legend-Heroes Arrival is a Free Android , Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring an cross-server PVP , real-time battle with players worldwide .

Unique strategic battle RPG with epic heroes ! Legend- Heroes Arrival is an innovative instant battle RPG with heroes from multi-universe ! Featuring with engrossing action RPG gameplay, endless tactical & strategic fun, and skillful lineup & equipment collocation !

Game Feature :

- Special combat mode, enjoy the clash between heroes!

- 5 Types of heroes, Warrior, Mage, Tank, Archer, Support, create your own team

- Bounds between heroes, line them up and unlock the extra bonus! Special combo between certain heroes, strike enemies with huge damage!

- Elf system, seizing the chance to release the skill by Elf to reverse the game!

Rich Welfare

- Login everyday to get 50K diamond! Free VIP EXP is given, everyone can be VIP!

- 100% to get legendary hero in 10x summon

- Generous reward of opening carnival, raise your power in a short time!

Collect & Cultivate

- Summon heroes from multi-universes, Iron-man, Demon hunter, Athena are at your service

- Level up to unlock heroes' unique talent, release their potential!

- Collect equipments with different titles, put them on get more power!

- Reinforce system, collect the heroes with bounds to strengthen your team!

Engrossing Gameplay

- Various gameplay, adventure, dungeons, idle mode, arena, PVP, all in one game !

- Original team up PVE, Monster Hunting, World Boss, group up and defeat them !

- Cross-server PVP, real-time battle with players worldwide! Show your unique strategy to the world !

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