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DIE2HARD Ultimate War is a 3D multiplatform, First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game.

DIE2HARD Ultimate War can be played in two different ways: in a browser (Adobe Shockwave Player is required) and standalone version, which can be downloaded and used without any installation. It's a decent shooter with classic gameplay and acceptable graphics.

What I could complain about is the jerky character animation, who knows maybe I find it decent because I did not expect too much from this game. Anyway I recommend to try it especially since is free to play and does not cost anything, maybe you will think it actually decent as I believe it is.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention about the already usual modes of battle: Capture The Flag, Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch.



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:D :D
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:D La Malota :D

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