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Cosmos Invictus

Cosmos Invictus

Thursday, 12 July 2018 18:40 mmoraw
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Cosmos Invictus is a Free 2 play , Multiplayer Collectible Card Game CCG , featuring the fact that all Pilot cards are available to play independent of the player's hand .

Cosmos Invictus is an engaging sci-fi strategic collectible card game CCG , that's full of tactical elements not found in traditional TCGs or other online CCGs . We call it a strategic CCG because you must carefully position your Mechs in formations to counter your enemy. The game offers customizable spaceships, Pilots and Events that can alter the course of battle. It is true, pure, hard sci-fi... without magic .

Game Features :

- Play as a Captain of the Gaia Unity or the High Frontier Alliance

- Amazing selection of unique Mechs, the main battle unit in space combat

- Pilots who attach to Mechs to make them more powerful and add extra abilites

- Fuel, every action a Mech takes fuel so plan your strategy around your fuel and your enemy !

- All Pilot cards are available to play independent of the player's hand

- Customizable Spaceships who attack and counter-attack opponents

- Mech in combat stay in a formation which can change stats and add abilities depending on your strategy

- Events are less than 20% making it a very strategic game

- Melt and create cards

- Can use both faction cards and spaceships (with some penalties though)

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