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Fantasy Adventure Latest 3D RPG game
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Fantasy Adventure is a Free Android , Role-Playing Action Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a cute 3D square-design maps and characters .

Primitive crystal has been defending the Arafat Empire. Demon lord Augusta attacked the empire violently. Goddess Estee sacrificed her self to save the human by turning into four crystals, which sealed the demon lord inside. Now the demon lord took advantage of untight seal and sneaked out to summon all the monsters. The empire is facing a new crisis. Will you join us to defeat the dark side ?

Game Features :

- Fun action RPG game

- Cute 3D square-design maps and characters

- Collection of pets and training of rides

- Various battle gameplay of both instances and PvP in adventures

- Cool fashion suits, wings, etc.

- Meet new friends in arena and guilds

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