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Blacklight Retribution
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Blacklight Retribution is a First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game featuring HRV tool (Hyper Reality Visor) enabling players the ability to see through walls.

Blacklight Retribution promotes as the main innovation "the HRV (Hyper Reality Visor)" game producers describe it like this: "HRV enabling the player to see through walls, locate opponents, team mates, weapon depots, and even detect a weak point in the structure of the Hardsuit. While HRV is active weapon depots will glow light blue, team mates blue, and the opposing team orange. Keep in mind that once the player has used HRV it will take a short period of time for the ability to recharge before it can be used again." if you ask me "innovative HRV tool" sounds more like legalization of cheating in games, the excuse that everyone can use it, is not enough. And, anyway no excuse in the world can justify, somehow cheating.

HRV ,in the actual game, does not gonna bother you so much it also eliminates a lot of potential camping in the game. What is really annoying is the enemy respawn right behind you and the ridiculously small size of the maps. And if the dwarf size of maps does not bother you too much the exaggerated number of boxes of which you can tripping when want to move, eventually going to get you absolutely nutty. In the game Blacklight: Retribution you can only fantasize about big and spacious maps.

Graphically the game look amazing with interesting blurring effects and lighting very close to reality provided by the Unreal Engine.

Overall Blacklight Retribution is a successful shooter with some deficiencies but hey! nobody is perfect not even the perfection itself, It has a high quality graphics which do not betrays that the game is actually free to play.



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z8 -_-
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-1 #1 Emma 2016-02-26 21:37
:lol: :D

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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